The lady has MS, and is paralyzed from the neck down, she steers her chair with her chin on the black thing between her face and her glass. On her wheelchair is a small green screen, this she uses for lifts, doors etc. On her screen you can see a small window for click, double click or show the keyboard, and other functions, and all these she controls, including typing she does with.......

The white button light on her glasses is a wireless connection, when she points it at either the small green screen, or her computer screen, or the keyboard she can bring into picture, she computes with a wireless connection by moving her head.

I am working with this lovely lady, cleaning up and updating programs, and teaching her other stuff she really wants to be able to do. As you can see there is a mouse and keyboard for me. Next week she wants to learn how to handle her photos. She lives in her own flat, in a complex, where I am a volunteer computer teacher. I am also working with two other clients next week.

All photos and information were posted with the lovely ladies permission.