The Can We Project.

In the early summer of 2001, Richard a well respected member of our Group, suggested that we might like to have a survey of people who were in one way or another contributing to the Group. His first post, suggesting this, he entitled Can We, and so the Can We project was born.

Naturally the core members know each other and have often travelled many miles to meet each other in person. But there are many other occasional visitors we are interested in, and we are curious to know if we have any lookers.(Some call these silent visitors lurkers, but not a word I care to use, about my silent friends.) I now know we have got some.

As we are a Fifty plus group, the ages of our members was of interest, we also wanted to know the number of men and women, at first the question was about our Sex, but when a charming lady answered this question with yes, the question quickly changed to gender. The many nationalities of our friends was also of great interest. Finally we requested Religious and Political affiliations. 

The result was quickly alarming, within days we had a couple of dozen answers. So I volunteered to collate the information and perhaps make some graphs to be published.

Here are some of the results. At this moment we have had 75 answers, and I expect after the holidays that this number will rise. The graphs and lists will be regularly updated. Not all of the graphs are as yet complete, but I decided to publish the information that is ready now.

If anyone reading this would like to react with their statistics, you can ofcourse put all the info on the Group. This is always fun, but I have had private mails from some people who did not wish to put all of their private statistics on the Group. If you mail me at I will add you to the list. Privacy is guaranteed and no names appear on the lists and graphs. This page will be updated weekly.

If you have read this, and you would like to know more about us, we have our own Web page, where you can read about us and our past. There are tips about using the group, a gallery of pictures of some of the members, and many more beautiful facts and photos. The site is are provided by any good newsgroup provider at "alt.fifty-plus.friends", and Google also provide a good service.

That is all, please keep the information coming, and I hope some of the pages here are at least partly understandable. Can I call myself a Webmaster now? LOL. I can now put my spelling control back to being itself, (Dutch) it doesn't like being upset.

With prayers and good wishes,                              

Graham Hutson

The Netherlands, mid August 2001